Students from Ulaanbaatar, the winners of the quiz on knowledge of the history and culture of the Krasnoyarsk Region, visited Krasnoyarsk in order to take part in the celebration of our City Day.


The City Administration and the Russian House in Ulaanbaatar prepared a quiz on the knowledge of the history and culture of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the city of Krasnoyarsk. As a result, out of 50 kids, the winners visited Krasnoyarsk on the City Day. From August 23 to 29, they got to know the history of our city, the sights of Krasnoyarsk, as well as had the opportunity to practice their Russian. The students visited the Bobrovy Log and Roev Ruchey parks, the local hydroelectric power station, participated in a meeting within the city administration walls. They also took part in the ceremony of raising the flag of the city, visited the Victory Memorial Museum, the Museum of Local Lore, etc. In addition, Mongolian children made friends with local school kids at the Lastochka summer camp, the Novye Imena youth centre, the Yunost sports school and at Gymnasium №10.


Irina Fominykh, Deputy Head of the City - Head of the Department of Social Development:

— It was important for us to show Krasnoyarsk the way it is: hospitable, clean, educated, ready to communicate with other cities not only in Russia, but also abroad. It is very pleasant that children are so interested in Russia and Russian culture. During our meeting, the kids sang "Katyusha" - it was very touching. One of the girls even declaimed a poem by A.S. Pushkin. 

Interest in our country, state, language guarantees that relations between the two countries will be warm and friendly. I hope they make new friends and, of course, take away with them the warm, unforgettable Krasnoyarsk atmosphere into which they plunged. 

Children are the future of Mongolia and the future of Mongolian-Russian relations.

The status of the Russian language in Mongolia is due to the quality level of Russian education. During the visit, the Mongolian children plunged into the Russian language environment. Moreover, two teachers of the Russian language from Ulaanbaatar were trained under the advanced training programme on the topic "Teaching the Russian language" here at the Pedagogical University.

Today, students from Mongolia study annually in Krasnoyarsk universities. In 2022, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University and the Education Fund under the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, which is very important. The visits of Mongolian school students make Krasnoyarsk attractive for further education in their chosen specialties at our universities. As a result, there are more and more people in Mongolia who know and love Krasnoyarsk, which means they will be ready for further cooperation with the city in various fields (tourism, industry, trade, etc.).

Mongolian kids commented their trip:

«I have been speaking Russian since childhood. I watched different films, studied history. I'm interested in everything related to Russia.»

«I liked the city - it's big, there are a lot of people, I like the architecture. I think I will come here to study, if, of course, I manage to get admitted.»

«My parents have always loved the Russian people and loved to travel around Russia.».

«The Russian language is very interesting. I was very happy when they told me that I won the quiz, because I had the opportunity to go to Krasnoyarsk.»