One of three new enclosures for polar bears was opened in the Roev Ruchey Park. The favourite of Krasnoyarsk residents bear Felix has already settled in it. Now the bear can be watched not through the bars, but through the glass. According to Oleg Chipura, representative of the Park, the bear has almost resort-like arrangements.


— The new enclosure is equipped with a large pool, dens; it is stylized as the nature of the Arctic, which is extremely important. Ample space for a bear to move within. In addition to locations for Felix, the enclosure has premises for its maintenance, there are complex underground communications, — Roev Ruchey shared.

The plan for a new enclosure appeared in 2015, and the construction began in 2017. The grand opening of the facility was supposed to happen at the 20th anniversary of the Park, but coronavirus restrictions postponed it. In addition, new legislation appeared that required a special water purification system in animal enclosures.


— There is much to do still, but even now we can say that this is the most modern polar bear enclosure in Russia. I will say more, this is not to be found in Europe either, at least there are no such big ones for sure, — summed up Roev Ruchey's representative.