The celebration of the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity for the followers of the orthodox church became the leitmotif of the project "In the Centre of the World" last weekend.  Families from Krasnoyarsk became the main guests, spectators and organisers of the events of the pedestrian recreational space.

ВЦМ10_07_22_фотолокация пара дев.jpg 

Especially carefully approached was the creation of a romantic atmosphere in Pushkin Square, with the swings decorated with green and white ribbons, the festive photo zone, and musicians creating a good mood.

ВЦМ10_07_22_качели с лентами дед и внучек.jpg 

For adults and children, widely known and author's songs were performed that day.

In continuation of the festive day, a ceremony of awarding families with medals "For Love and Loyalty" was held here. Married couples who have been married for more than 30 years took to the stage.

ВЦМ10_07_22_семья бабушка фоминых.jpg 

At the same time, on the roadway of Mira Avenue, a simultaneous game session was held by the main and only grandmaster of the Region Dmitri Khegay. For those who prefer checkers to chess, a separate tournament was organized. The main condition was to play with the whole family. The winners were awarded diplomas.

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Fans of board games gathered on the green lawn near Pushkin Square, where children and adults could assemble a mini-power plant, and also check their physical fitness.

On the square near the monument to Pozdeev, a real flurry of emotions was caused by the performance of Dmitry Michkovsky. The musician performed a mix of different compositions on the electric accordion.

A unique fashion show took place on Mira Avenue. It was a joint event of the Happy Children Foundation and local modeling agencies.


First, the children came to the podium of green lawn. They presented a collection of children's clothing from one of the shops in the city.

детский балет.jpg 

Kids on the podium were replaced by adult models. They presented evening dresses from the collection of one of the Krasnoyarsk stores. It turned out to be a bright, summer and fashionable show.

On Sunday, Mira Avenue became a large presentation platform for the contest of enterprising citizens dubbed "Krasnoyarsk, the Man-Made". The guests of the project could get acquainted with the participants of the competition.

In Pushkin Square, the first to present their programme were the musicians of the bard song club "Bardak" of the Astafiev Pedagogical University. Vocalists performed bard songs and contemporary compositions.

Another participant of the competition, the school of Rodion Granin, has joined Bardak. Regular visitors of the Project have already remembered the fiery drummers from this creative school. Vocalists and guitarists of the Rodion Granin school presented their work to all lovers of live music.

Those wishing to dance on the asphalt of Mira Av. were united by Igor Kraglik. He gave a Lindy Hop master class.

ВЦМ10_07_22_краглик танцует.jpg 

After the dances, all lovers of creativity gathered for a meeting of reading poems and singing their favorite songs to the guitar.

On the green lawn in front of the monument to Pozdeev, a Zumba workshop took place, a dance fitness programme based on popular Latin American rhythms.


The organisers of said workshop impressed the citizens of Krasnoyarsk with the energy of movement, unique costumes and make-up. Many residents of Krasnoyarsk were unable to dispassionately follow the bright show and began to enthusiastically repeat the energetic movements.

On Saturday, in the Festival Quarter, instead of music, the soothing sounds of nature created a special atmosphere. During the weekend, a children's car town also worked here - the organiser of the site is also a participant in the competition.

ВЦМ10_07_22_детский автогородок.jpg 

On Sunday, the contestants held master classes on various games, as well as on various types of needlework, even such exotic ones as "aroma sachet" and "decoupage".