Last weekend, thousands of Krasnoyarsk residents enjoyed a promenade on the main avenue of Krasnoyarsk.

Mira Avenue_Krasnoyarsk.jpg

On Saturday, the program of the project "In the Centre of MIRA" started earlier than usual. Already at 10 in the moring people with Nordic Walking sticks began to gather in Pushkin Square to take part in the Walking Siberia Festival

“For the first time we were walking in the middle of Mira Avenue. Never had such an experience yet. Very special, as we are used to the cars using it,” said Tatyana Likhacheva, one of the participants.

“Loved it! I wish the distance were longer, and such events were held more often. We are ready to participate every Saturday!” - said Tatyana Mukhina, another participant.

1_Nordic Walking_Krasnoyarsk.jpg

After their march along the avenue, the Nordic walkers gathered in Pushkin Square to share with Krasnoyarsk citizens the benefits of Nordic walking and to offer some warm-up games for the kids.

2_Nordic Walking training_Krasnoyarsk.jpg

On the site behind the Pozdeev monument, a presentation of the Sibefian Federal University language centers was going on throughout all day. 

Japanese Centre.jpg

One could learn a bit of German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and take part in national dances.


A whole quarter of the avenue was given over to the Food Truck Festival. In mobile cafes, you could buy coffee, cocoa, lemonades, sandwiches, burgers, Hong Kong waffles, cakes, etc. All food truck owners decorated their cars with flowers and garlands. 

1_Food Truck Festival_Krasnoyarsk.jpg

The rain in the middle of the day put the project on pause for a while, but the visitors did not disperse. As soon as the sun came out, life on the avenue "blossomed" again. The stage near the Pozdeev monument was occupied with dancers: Irish and social dances attracted a lot of people and everyone could take part in dancing master classes.

Social dances.jpg

Pushkin Square became another point of attraction. The soloist of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre Alexey Pereprygin offered a Soviet hits program and immediately gathered a large audience.

Chinese Dragon_3.jpg

On Sunday, at about 12 o'clock in the area of ​​​​Perensona Street, people in bright costumes with large dragons in their hands were gathering. The site dedicated to Chinese culture was getting ready for its opening. Exactly at noon, Chinese dragons soared over Mira Avenue.

Chinese Dragon_6.jpg

To the sound of a drum, a colorful procession passed along the Aavenue. Krasnoyarsk residents were shooting videos with their phones, greeting the procession and applauding loudly. The dragon show ended with a small performance near the Pozdeev monument.

Chinese Dragon_8.jpg

The spectacular dragon show was replaced by an equally spectacular concert and entertainment program devoted to Chinese culture. You could write your name in hieroglyphs, take pictures with models in Chinese national costumes, and take part in a tea ceremony. 

Tea Ceremony.jpg

You could also take part in master classes in Chinese calligraphy or play Chinese board games. Mini-lessons were equally equally interesting for children and adults.

Chinese Dragon_7.jpg

Pushkin Square once again became a musical point of attraction - it offered a show of drummers playing popular songs. Later during the day, Igor Kraglik held a big boogie-woogie master class. Krasnoyarsk residents enjoyed repeating his moves to jazz music.

Street Jazz Dances_Krasnoyarsk.jpg

Both on Saturday and Sunday walking tours were held : the townspeople learned a lot about the life of merchants, their way of life, traditional cuisine and listened to stories about various historical buildings. 

The guests of the project also staged their performances right on the roadway - every now and then there were impromptu dances.

​You can follow the events of the project "In the Centre of MIRA" on its Vkontakte page and in the Telegram channel: @v_centre_mira.