Mr. Yatim Davlatkhoja, Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk, visited Krasnoyarsk. During the visit, the the opportunities for cooperation in the field of culture were discussed. Consul General also took part in the national Tajik holiday Sayri Lola.

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The Central City Library named after Maxim Gorky hosted the meeting between the Consul General and the Head of the Krasnoyarsk City Administration Main Department of Culture Lyubov Sakharova. The parties discussed various issues of cultural interaction, in particular, the prospects for studying the heritage of Krasnoyarsk citizen, famous alpine climber, artist and sculptor Yevgeny Abalakov. Abalakov's personal belongings were brought to Krasnoyarsk in February 2022 with the support of the Krasnoyarsk Mayor, Sergei Eremin. Among the items now stored in the Victory Memorial Museum are not only sculptures, drawings and documents, but also a large number of unique photographs from research expeditions. Many of them were made by Yevgeny Abalakov in the 1930s during the conquest of the mountain ranges and glaciers of the Pamirs, located on the territory of modern Tajikistan.
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Tajikistan is a country with an ancient and rich culture, so we are very pleased that the legacy of Yevgeny Abalakov will allow us to strengthen the cultural relations between our peoples. Now it is very important to correctly attribute all the images that record the course of the Tajik-Pamir expedition, to collect the most complete data. And it will be impossible without the participation of our Tajik colleagues, - said Lyubov SAKHAROVA, Head of the Main Department of Culture. We hope that the joint work will become the beginning of a long and productive cooperation.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed the Abalakov Days Festival, which will be held in Krasnoyarsk in September this year. The program includes a large-scale exposition of personal belongings of Yevgeny Abalakov, a photo contest, city tours, hiking trips, film screenings and a round table, which will be included in the program of the Siberian Historical Forum.

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For the Republic of Tajikistan, it is important to expand inter-municipal cooperation with Russian cities, including in the field of culture. The mountain ranges of the Pamirs explored by Yevgeny Abalakov are the pride of our country. We are ready to determine the circle of specialists from among the representatives of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, employees of museums and libraries to study the heritage of the great climber and explorer, as well as discuss further joint actions in this direction, - said the Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk, Mr. Yatim DAVLATKHOJA. In addition, we are considering the possibility of implementing other joint cultural projects, as well as the participation of representatives of Tajikistan in Krasnoyarsk cultural events.

Consul General_Tajikistan_meeting_4.jpgMr. Davlatkhodzha, together with Ivan Yakshibaev, attache of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Krasnoyarsk, visited the Victory Memorial Museum and Tatyshev Island, where the traditional Tajik tulip festival Sayri Lola was held. The event is organized by the Tajik national cultural autonomy "Vatan" with the support of the Krasnoyarsk City Administration. It is important to note that this year Russia and Tajikistan are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.​​