Summer floral decoration in the Central District of Krasnoyarsk has covered windows, facades and entrance groups of local buildings. To date, 352 organizations have already registered their facilities, and another 167 are still in operation.
Flowers_Central District of Krasnoyarsk.jpg

The owners of cafes and restaurants on the main thoroughfares of the historical center were the first to decorate their facilities. They not only installed flowerpots on the windowsills, but also used flower arrangements to fence off street tables from the roadway. This format was first used in 2020, when catering organizations were allowed to work outdoors under coronavirus restrictions. Both the townspeople and the entrepreneurs themselves liked the innovation, and decided to make it their constant practice.
Flowers_Central District of Krasnoyarsk_1.jpg

Not only business structures, but also non-profit organizations decorated their objects. Back in February, the City Administration provided all interested organizations with recommendations on floral arrangements and types of plants.
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We pay special attention to the organizations that work in the zone of the project "In the Centre of MIRA"​. Like a year ago, they are advised to use natural materials, give preference to colors of red and white. But the most important thing is that the decorated objects should look neat and stylish, and organically fit into the historical environment of Mira Avenue.

Vadim VOYTSEKHOVSKY, Head of the Central District Administration