A large festive programme is planned for this year's Children's Day in Krasnoyarsk.

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On June 1, children and their parents can listen to their favorite songs from cartoons, join in on some entertaining and educational locations and a large-scale flash mob.

The ceremony of raising the Flag of Childhood will be held in front of the Krasnoyarsk City Administration building. The flag was created last year based on the sketch by a young girl – a local student of an art school. This year it will be raised for the second time.

A celebratory concert will be taking place all day long in Teatralnaya Square, with more than 100 performers – members of professional and children's groups – to enjoy. Special performances are prepared by the Krasnoyarsk Brass Band and the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Choir, and children's ensembles of art schools, Palaces of Culture and educational institutions will also take the stage. The main event of the day will be a flash mob, in which 1000 young Krasnoyarsk dancers, vocalists, artists, elocutioner and athletes will take part. Dancers will perform elements of modern and folk dances, reciters will read an excerpt from Korney Chukovsky's fairy tale "Little Fly so spruce and sprightly", and football players will perform virtuoso ball control.

On this day, city museums and libraries prepare art workshops and interactive programmes for children and their parents. One can also visit the Roev Ruchey Flora and Fauna Park for an entertaining event programme, or go to the "Bremen Town Musicians" theatrical performance at Mechta children's cinema.

Youth centes of the city and district administrations have also prepared celebratory events of their own. On June 1, interactive platforms will be organized for children, within which children will be able to try their hand at hiking, get acquainted with Eastern cultures, take part in sports competitions, and much more.