Youth Centre "Pilot" will be hosting the XIII Interregional Festival "Steel Dawn" and the Cup of the Krasnoyarsk Region in theatrical fencing on May 15.

Theatrical fencing or swordplay is a discipline of sports fencing that combines theatrical and sport elements. Athletes participate in staged fights, while using the sport's analogs of edged weapons.


The Festival was first held in 2009. Over the 13 years of its existence, the project has grown from a small city event into the largest theatrical fencing festival beyond the Urals. More than 100 people take part in it every year.

— "Steel Dawn" is a competition with indisputable authority for the strongest athletes, an event for those who like spectacular battles and spectacular tricks with weapons, the ringing of steel and the romance of a bygone era of duels. Past and future, real and fictional - a huge number of stories will be told on our stage. After all, each performance is a small theatre play, — said the organizer of the festival, Galina Dryannykh.


Competitions will be held in four disciplines: duel, group, solo and ensemble.

In addition to the tournament itself and the concert programme, an educational programme is planned as part of the festival as well. Speakers from Tomsk and St. Petersburg will talk about the history of fencing, the peculiarities of Russian and international judging, and will also hold a workshop in acrobatics and stunt elements.