On May 9, the All-Russian art project titled "RioRita - the Joy of Victory" took place in local Pushkin Square. The event, which originated in St. Petersburg, is being organized in Krasnoyarsk for the second time and this year united 9 cities of our country.

photo5460751661178927779.jpgRioRita is a network art project that has been implemented throughout Russia since 2016. The idea of the project is to recreate the festive atmosphere of the first post-war day to unite citizens of different generations. Music of the 1940s on the playgrounds of parks and squares, thematically appropriate photo locations, couples in retro outfits, all that and more.


Aside from other festivities, the atmosphere of May 9, 1945 was helped maintain by the Krasnoyarsk Brass Band conducted by Ilya Bogov and the Modern Orchestra of Wind Instruments of the Pravoberezhny Palace of Culture. The groups performed dance compositions popular during the war, such as "RioRita" and "Burnt Sun", as well as the famous "Katyusha", "Dark Night" and "Smuglyanka".


Actors of the Artefact Theare of Historical Reconstruction took part in the project as well. The participants not only walked around the square in military uniforms of the 40s and took pictures with everyone, but also read famous poems by front-line poets such as Konstantin Simonov, Alexander Tvardovsky and others, for the audience.