Krasnoyarsk Technical Design Centre will host a large-scale exhibition of historical exhibits of technology in miniature titled "History in Scale". Modellers from all over the Region will present their works.

Bench model making is a kind of technical creativity, basically creation of miniature models of various equipment and architectural structures.


Guests of the exhibition will have the opportunity to see scaled copies of equipment from different historical times. Particularly valuable are car models that have not survived to this day. Also, visitors will be able to take part in a workshop on creating a bench scale model.

«We are glad that the workshops of our centre have become a platform for such an interesting event. By visiting the exhibition, you will learn what bench model making is, look at how the pieces are created. After visiting it, you are probably guaranteed to will have found youreself a new hobby,» — said Artem Lankin, head of the Okrainka Eco-Workshop project at the Centre.


The community of modelmakers in our city has existed for more than ten years and has repeatedly held similar exhibitions in Krasnoyarsk. The first exhibition of historical exhibits of bench model making was held in 2008. More than 30 masters took part in it. This year, more than 80 miniatures will be presented at the exhibition.


«For us, modelmakers with experience, this is not just a hobby, but our craft and lifestyle. Creating models is not easy, but very exciting. We want to popularize this kind of art, because it brings up good qualities in a person: painstaking assiduous work, imagination and interest in history,» — said Ivan Oshin, a representative of the Krasnoyarsk modelling community.