Victory Memorial Museum hosted the opening of an exposition dedicated to the war period in the life of our fellow countryman, the famous climber and sculptor Evgeny Abalakov. Most of the exhibit's items were shown to the audience for the first time both in Krasnoyarsk and the entirety of Russia.

The legacy of Evgeny Abalakov's family and personal belongings was transferred to our city in February 2022. This idea was supported by Mayor Sergei Eremin.

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At the first exhibition, guests were presented with a portion of the items brought to Krasnoyarsk. The exposition is divided into three thematic blocks: mountaineering, family and creativity. Even during the war years, Evgeny Mikhailovich continued to create, explore, play sports. Among the exhibits presented in the museum are drawings and sculptures, military certificates and awards.

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Krasnoyarsk residents now have the opportunity to look at Evgeny Abalakov's original certificate of membership in a voluntary sports society of the trade union of art workers, wartime photographs, genuine awards "For the Defense of Moscow" and "For the Defense of the Caucasus". The exposition also includes a sculptural bust of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, partisan and climber Evgeny Ivanov, watercolors from the period of the battle for the Caucasus, climbing equipment and letters to his family from the front.

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In addition, the museum spoke about further plans to work with the preservation of the heritage of this famous family. In the autumn, Krasnoyarsk will host the Abalakov Days Festival, dedicated to the life and work of the Abalakov brothers. Recently, the project received support from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. During the festival, a large exhibition of personal belongings of the Abalakovs, sports competitions, photo contests and the creation of a virtual museum are planned.

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— The broadcasting of the unique heritage of Abalakov this year symbolically coincided with a number of anniversaries. This is both the 115th anniversary of the birth of our countryman, and the 80th anniversary of the end of the battle for Moscow. That battle was a turning point in the Great Patriotic War, and one of the heroes and architects of the defeat of the Nazi army was our Evgeny Mikhailovich. For Krasnoyarsk residents, this is a real point of pride! I am sure that the exhibition will arouse the interest of a large number of citizens and our guests. It will allow us to learn more about the history of the life and achievements of Evgeny Mikhailovich. And we will look forward to further expansion of the exposition, new events related to the memory of our famous countryman, – noted the first Vice-Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Alexei Shuvalov.