The first-ever open children's curling festival titled "Yenisei Cup 2022" is to be held in Krasnoyarsk from April 15 to 17. About a hundred athletes from 8 to 14 years old will participate in the competition. Medals will be competed for by curlers from the Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Omsk and Irkutsk Regions. The games will take place on the ice of the Krasnoyarsk Curling Arena.


During the first stage, the teams play two games in subgroups, the results of which will be ranked. Curling players will be divided into divisions, where A is the division of the first 8 teams with the highest rating at the end of the first stage. Division B is the next 8 teams after A. And Division C is the 8 teams with the lowest rating. Then the teams will have five more games in each of the divisions. Based on the results of these matches, winners and prize-winners are to be determined. The festival is organized by the Russian Curling Federation and the Siberian Curling Academy of the Krasnoyarsk Olympic Reserve College.

— Its a first "Yenisei Cup 2022" for us and ever. The idea to organize competitions for young curlers from different regions came to us unexpectedly. We thank the Russian Curling Federation for supporting this initiative. We will host guests at our modern Krasnoyarsk Curling Arena, which allows 10 teams to play simultaneously on five professional lanes. We are looking forward to the participants, and we are preparing to give them a real sports holiday! - said Sergei Venevtsev, the director of the Krasnoyarsk College of Olympic Reserve, President of the Curling Federation of the Krasnoyarsk Region.