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 Awards of the city

During a long history Krasnoyarsk had been awarded and mentioned more than once both by the government of the USSR and the Russian Federation and by the various influential international organizations.

On August 10, 1978 Krasnoyarsk was awarded by the Order of October revolution for the significant contribution to a process of formation, defense and development of the country. The Order of October revolution was instituted by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR on October 31, 1967. This Order was awarded to the citizens of Russia and other states, to enterprises, institutions, settlements for their active revolutionary work, for their contribution to formation and consolidation of the Soviet rule, for achievements in the sphere of national economy, science and culture, for their courage and bravery shown in the battles, as well as for efficient government and social activity.
In 2000 Krasnoyarsk took the third place in the contest “The most comfortable city of Russia - 2000”.
On December 17, 2001 Krasnoyarsk was awarded by the Peter the Great Order. The Order of Peter the Great is the most superior social award of the Russian Federation; it is awarded for the outstanding services to the Motherland, promoting prosperity, greatness and glory of Russia.
In 2001 Krasnoyarsk got the prize of the All-Russian contest of the financial improvement of the Russian economy “The Golden rouble”. Krasnoyarsk won in nomination “The best Russian city by the economic indexes of financial improvement of the economy in 2001”.
In 2003 Krasnoyarsk took the third place in the contest “The most comfortable Russian city” by the results of 2002.
In 2004 Krasnoyarsk was acknowledged the laureate of the All-Russian special prize “Russian creators” in nomination “Construction investment”. The prize “Russian creators” is a Russian national award, which is given to the best representatives of building sector – building companies, associations, funds and other building institutions, as well as to people, who became famous in the field of construction. This prize is the evidence of the superior achievement in professional activity and the laureates’ significant contribution to the Russian social sector.
In 2006 Krasnoyarsk was acknowledged the winner in nomination “The best Russian city by indexes of economic development” at the All-Russian contest of the Russian economic development “Golden rouble”. This prize was awarded to Krasnoyarsk for the high rates of the socio-economic development and for the important achievements in various branches.
In 2006 the United Nations Organization proclaimed Krasnoyarsk as “the city comfortable for life”.
In 2007 Krasnoyarsk took the second place in the contest “The most comfortable Russian city” by the results of 2006.

On April, 2008 Krasnoyarsk was awarded by the Diploma of the first international review-contest “The best CIS city” for the formation of the effective model of the social support of population.