International Charity Festival `Children to children`

​Charity Festival "Children to children" was conducted in 1996 year in Krasnoyarsk for the first time. Music teacher of  Krasnoyarsk school №2 Nikolay Bolsunovskiy become the author of  this idea. The main purpose of the festival is that children help children, who are in difficult life situations. All funds received during the festival through various activities (sale of tickets for children's concerts, selling children's crafts, drawings, as well as charitable contributions), are intended to help children in need.

Charity Festival "Children to children" acquired the status of an international Festival  for the first time on May, 2014, due to the participation of children from the partner-city Zilina (Slovak Republic) with the assistance of the International Affairs Division of city administration. 34 Works, stories and music to them were transported to Krasnoyarsk.

International Charity Festival "Children to children - 2015" was conducted  on January, 2015. Children from the Chinese partners-cities - Heihe, Harbin, Changchun and Manchuria took part in Festival. The majority of works were bought by guests and participants of the Festival.

Exhibition of works of Krasnoyarsk children, as a  continuation of the festival "Children to children" was conducted in partner-city Zilina during the official visit of Krasnoyarsk delegation to Slovak Republic.

Charity Festival "Children to children - 2016" was held  in Krasnoyarsk on April, 2016. Pupils of schools of Japan and Zilina city (Slovak Republic) participated in the festival with the assistance of the International Affairs Division of city administration. More than 80 pupils of primary school Oyamadakita from Kuwana city (Mie Prefecture) and pupils of elementary school Enoki from Nagoya city (Aichi Prefecture) sent their creative works in Krasnoyarsk. National Center of artistic creativity of children and youth of Minsk (Belarus) also sent works of children and a video message to the participants of the Festival.

International Charity Festival "Children to children - 2017" took place in great concert-hall in Krasnoyarsk philharmonic on January, 2017. The keynote of the Festival become the theme “I AM!?” About 2 thousand children, their teachers and parents took part in annual charity event. Among the participants  - are creative collectives of schools, kindergartens, supplementary education institutions not only of Krasnoyarsk, but also different Russian cities and foreign cities. Pupils from Japan, Slovakia, China,  Alushta (Republic of Crimea) and Belarus sent about 100 works of art and all of these works are presented in our website.

The project of  classic arts and handcrafts studio "Krynіchka" of the  creative workshop "Vyaselka" (Republic of Belarus) took a special place in exhibition. Their works are also presented on this web page.

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